Transform Your Daily Hair Care Routine

FortiComb is the revolutionary patent-pending attachment that makes Minoxidil foam application a breeze, offering game-changing ease and efficiency.

- Patent Pending -

Until now, applying minoxidil foam has meant dealing with a sloppy and wasteful process. 

With FortiComb, now you can precisely direct the foam right to your scalp with enhanced efficiency and coverage while minimizing waste absorbed by your hair.


FortiComb slides directly onto any foam dispenser nozzle, staying securely in place while you dispense.

Simple rotation allows you to readjust its position with ease as you apply the foam across various areas of your scalp.

Get MORE Foam in the RIGHT Place!

  • Precise & Less Messy Application

  • Saves Time on Your Daily Routine

  • Improved Foam Application Coverage

  • Connect to Any Foam Dispense Nozzle

  • Reduces Wasted Foam

  • Compact & Ergonomic Design


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